√गाेकुल लिवाङ लिम्बु
Since the beginning of human kind, music has been an integral part of our lives. Thus everyone is associated with it in one way or the other with a musical genre. In order to create a music, a musician has to play an instrument. But, have you seen any musician that dances while playing an instrument ?
Let me introduce you to “YAKTHUNBGAS” who have deeper connection with music and their very own musical instrument- KE/CHYABRUNG. It is yakthungba’s traditional musical instrument(drum) which is so unique that its still hand- made in a traditional way and people can be seen playing the drum while dancing with its beat which is known as ‘Kelang’ or Chyabrung dance.
Now, “Kelang” is derived from two words ‘ke'(chyabrung) and ‘lang'(dance) which simply means co-ordination/mixture of footwork and Chyabrung’s beat. According to ‘Yakthung Mundhum’, there are several myths connected with the origin of Kelang. However, this form of dance was initially performed to protect and plead for almighty’s blessings to an ancient Yakthung(Limbu) built home which was on verge of collapse. It has rooted traditional significance in the lives of Yakthung community. Thus, it is performed in various rituals and occasions worldwide.
Kelang steps for the beginners :
This video will help you learn Kelang from very basics. So, please don’t hesitate to watch it and become a part in keeping our culture and traditions alive.
खोक्लिङ ताप्लेजुङ अहिले बेलायत

(किरात याक्थुङ चुम्लुङ आक्सफोर्ड शाखा युके को साँस्कृतिक विभागको नेतृत्व समालिरहेको लिवाङले लेखेका लेख, ज्ञान यात्राको अभियानमा लेखेका हुन् । ज्ञान यात्राको प्रवर्दक अमित थेबेका अनुसार ज्ञान यात्रा एक व्यक्ति, एक दिन र एक ज्ञान उपर केन्द्रित हुनेछ । जीवनमा जुनसुकै विधा र क्षेत्रमा सामान्यदेखि विशिष्ट ज्ञान राखेकाहरूले अरू समक्ष प्रस्तुत गर्नेछन् । थाहा नपाएकाहरू र थाहा पाएकाहरूबीच ज्ञान, अनुभव, सीप र सूचनाको आदानप्रदान हुनेछ । अभियानअन्तर्गत यहाँहरूले संक्षिप्त पोस्ट, तस्वीर र भिडियो क्लिप्समार्फत् आफ्ना कुरा राख्न सक्नु हुनेछ । यस अभियानमा जोडिन हुन सबैलाई आह्वान छ । कवि, कलाकार, सिनेकर्मी, खेलाडी, प्रशासक, स्वास्थ्यकर्मी, राजनीतिज्ञ, शिक्षक, सञ्चारकर्मी, सामाजिक अभियन्ता, गृहिणी या जोसुकै पनि यस ज्ञान यात्रामा सामेल हुन सक्नेछन् ।

लक डाउन समय सबैको सुखद रहोस् । सुरक्षित रहनु होला।)